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Life Experience : Moving out of my parents’ home

Life Experience : Moving out of my parents’ home

The biggest changes in daily life

It was the summer of 2015 when I finally took this big step and moved to Bangalore for my career and studies.

Although, it’s still not a very inviting concept in the Indian society, but you would still see a rise in nuclear families and independent single youth in urban India. Sometimes due to studies, employment or better lifestyle, almost everyone reaches the point, when they have to leave the comforts and protection of their parental home and start an independent life.

For me, however, it was a long-awaited dream, which I first saw as a teenager in my 9th standard. Peeved by my sweet, caring, protective & restrictive parents and charmed by the sweet fantasies of a single independent life, I dreamt of a boundless life in the “Garden City” of Bangalore. A city that has been the destinations for many like me for over two centuries now.

This is a very big step in the Indian society. So today I decided to write about the biggest impacts/changes it has on everyday life.

I don’t intend to portray any particular point as good or bad, because changes are circumstantial, some changes may be good or some bad. Also these are things that I experienced when I moved out…

The Crowd – Disappears

You may move out to independent house of your own or you may move to a shared accommodation (a hostel, a paying guest, group of friends sharing a house), it will always feel a little less crowded. There would be people in the house, but they won’t be so interested and involved in your life like your parents. They will all have their own plans, commitments and dreams to pursue. So you will have a lot of self-space and self-time. 

Connect/Disconnect – Your wish

The sweet independence of choosing your new core circle is in your hands. A very important power but also a big responsibility.  The people you allow in your inner circle will affect your growth and direction in personal and professional life. More often than not this is also a major concern for parents. So remember, bad company ruins good moral.

Total Power & Responsibility

With great power, comes greater responsibilities – so true. You will take all your decisions. Nobody will interfere, nor will anybody help. Be it an easy or a difficult decision, you are on your own. The only supporting elements will be your heart and mind. The power of total control of life is the biggest rewards of moving out, but also the biggest responsibility. Things like food, grocery, cleaning, laundry and the most important finance, are few shockers. The burden is a little distributed in a shared accommodation but that comes at a price of adjustment & compromise.

Time Shrinks, World Expands

All the new independence will expand you geographic boundaries and time boundaries. The responsibilities will also fight for a share of your time. You will need more time to enjoy your new independence and also to duly perform you new responsibilities. You will travel more and late, both for your rewards and responsibilities.

Life lessons – Accelerate

A massive impact is felt in the speed by which life starts running at you. Life lessons hit you every-day every-hour in an accelerated pace, testing you both mentally and physically.  The world revels all its dark sides and it suddenly seems a lot less fair. You learn new life skills and face new challenges, you pass a few and fail in some. The quicker you grasp, the better are your changes for independent survival.


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