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Review : My current 5 headphones

Review : My current 5 headphones

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I am sure today everyone uses headphones. On-ear or in-ear, earphones or headphones – whatever be your preference, I am sure these devices are the best way to shut down the chaotic world outside.

Here are the current 5 headphones/earphones that I am using in no particular order.

USUPSO – Moen Soft Earplug

This would be the biggest surprise for most people (It was for me).

These earphones are the best value-for-money headphones that anyone can get in the current market. You get loads of features like tangle-free flat cables, slide volume control and air-pods style ear-buds (no noise cancellation). It has a basic flat sound profile but great volume range. It can easily fulfil daily needs. At a price of INR 230, I don’t think anyone will ever ask for anything more. The same quality headphones in any of the other brands would definitely be in 4 digits.

The brand USUPSO is a Japanese brand like MINISO. But sadly it is only in Jayanagar 4th Block Market, Bangalore at present. But do keep a watch for them, they should be expanding aggressively in the country. I am surprised by the device and recommend this to everyone.

Sound: (3 out of 5); Price: (5 out of 5); Features: (4 out of 5); Build: (5 out of 5)


My latest buy and my first wireless bluetooth earphones are from JBL. I am a JBL fan and love their heavy bass sound profile. They generally get bitten for the build quality but this headphone has great build quality, making a perfect buy. The battery takes a little more time than specified to charge fully but it easily delivers 4.5-5 hours playback. These headphones come with tangle-free flat cables, in-built mic, in-ear noise cancelling buds and 3 buttons to control volume and answer calls. The device is very well designed and feel very balanced on the neck. The only downside is the absence of music controls. It has been recently launched and is priced at INR 2199. I am very satisfied and highly recommend this.

Sound: (5 out of 5); Price: (4 out of 5); Features: (4 out of 5); Build: (5 out of 5)

Sony MDRZX100 ZX

This was my first on-ear headphones ever. The sturdy build and the gold plated headphone jack are the only premium features in the device. The headphones have a balanced sound profile and are good to use. The device does not have any inbuilt mic, so it is difficult to use with phones. Also, the upper layer of ear cushions crumble with use. These crumbled fabric pieces would generally get stuck to the skin and are very annoying at time. Having said everything, this is my longest running headphones (3 years) and I don’t feel any degradation in sound quality. But I would not recommend this because there are many new and latest headphones in this price range of INR 2200.

Sound: (4 out of 5); Price: (2 out of 5); Features: (3 out of 5); Build: (3 out of 5)

JBL T450

Another JBL in my list and it has to be because I just love the sound profile that JBL offers. These on-ear headphones have loads of premium features. It comes with gold-plated 3.5mm jack, in-built mic, call receive button & tangle-free flat cables. The headphone is also foldable for compact storage. It’s available online for INR 1799. This is also a great value for money product. The absence of a volume control will make you reach to your device to control volume. Also, the build quality is not the best but good enough. I would also recommend this to people looking for good budget on-ear headphones.

Sound: (5 out of 5); Price: (4 out of 5); Features: (4 out of 5); Build: (4 out of 5)

Skull Candy JIB In-ear S2DUDZ-003

The basic headphones from Skull Candy is also a good value for money. It is available for INR 599 online and there are tons of colour options. The sound profile is treble-ish but good, and its justice to the brand’s reputation. But I still prefer the JBL’s bass-heavy sound profile. It is a very basic headphone with no volume control or mic. The 3.5mm jack is also not gold plated. They don’t feel very sturdy and I have a constant fear while I use them. I understand at this price they have to strip down but then there is no reason to buy these until you are in absolute love of the Skull Candy sound quality. I personally don’t recommend this device.

Sound: (3.5 out of 5); Price: (4 out of 5); Features: (3 out of 5); Build: (3 out of 5)


Which headphones are your favourite? Share it in the comments below.

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