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Restaurants : My favourite in Bangalore – Part 2

Restaurants : My favourite in Bangalore – Part 2

The list of restaurants for Bangalore had to be long.

This one has been a long due. I wrote the first part of “My favourites in Bangalore” months ago. And this was high time I complete this list. I will keep updating this list as needed. 

So, here is the 2nd/last part of my restaurant list.

  1. Black Pearl

    I am not a great fan of barbeques but the popularity of live grills is very evident in the city. I have visited almost all of the famous grill restaurants. It’s a very efficient choice for parties and team outings. Out of all, The Black Pearl has always surprised me. Many people would think otherwise but any-day my personal choice for a live grill would be The Black-Pearl. The place is wide and big. The live counters and special menus are very good. Also, since it is a buffet restaurant, so you can easily predict and manage your bills. You should definitely get a reservation or go during the late lunch hours.
    Special tip: Do-not miss the opportunity to get your personalized dish at the live counters.

  2. Kopper Kadai

    A fine dining restaurant serving north-Indian cuisine is located at a stone throw from the Forum Mall, Koramangala. They have a simple décor with ample seating space. But it gets really crowded during weekends so a reservation is a must. The starters are very good. Ganna Chicken & Galouti Kebab are my favourites. I have been there a couple of times and our bill for 2 touches INR 1500.
    Special tip: Stick to the north Indian menu.

  3. Rural blues

    Up for a long drive??? Then this can be a perfect weekend destination. It’s close to Decathlon, Sarjapur, so you can head there for the post-game meal. You can expect some great beers, open space, good service and delicious finger food. On a game day, this place can be super fun. Being far from the city makes it less crowded and almost every time you will get a free table. 
    Special tip: You will have to drive, so drink responsibly.

  4. Toscano

    This is surely one of the more authentic Italian restaurants in the city, this branch is located inside the Forum Mall, Koramangala. But don’t just start and end with the pizzas & pasta. There is so much more to explore. Also, please don’t forget the wine, an Italian meal is very incomplete without the wine. We love this place so much that always end up with an above average bill close to INR 2000.
    Special tip: Visit the Forum Mall branch.

  5. Vapour Pub & Brewery

    A place that has impressed me more with its beers and cocktails than the food. The wheat beer served here is great. This is probably why this pub is almost on everyone’s list. If you are on the Indranagar 100ft road, you can easily spot this pub with the sprawling crowd at its entry. It’s a party destination for the youth of the city and hence can be loud and packed. I personally prefer the off-time when you can enjoy your beer at peace. I go there only for the drink, so my bill has never crossed INR 1000.
    Special tip: Visit when in the mood to party.

  6. Biergarten

    A beautiful bud in the industrial zone of Whitefield and is a very popular destination amongst the hardworking office crowd. Although a challenging location to reach, it’s worth the pain when you get your hands on such the delicious food and drinks on offer. The place has open-air casual décor, best suited for evening snacks and dinner. They have mixed menu so there is something for everyone. The menu also has some great cocktails and beer options. Our bill was just over INR 1200.
    Special tip: Check traffic conditions in the area before travelling.

  7. Salt

    A sibling to the Toscano (No 4), this is an Indian fine-dining restaurant. One of the better places in the vicinity for some great food. We were highly impressed by their starters &dessertss. The deserts had a strong Italian influence. It is located inside the Forum Mall, Koramangala, which make is a very convenient option for anytime dining. We keep it simple here and hence our bills are around INR 1700.
    Special tip: Give it a try – Bhapa Dhoi

  8. Hammered

    This is a huge two-level restaurant. It’s highly advisable to take a walk before you decide your seats (provided you have options to choose from). The menu is long with almost something for everybody. They do justice to whatever they serve but do not expect the best in the class. The popularity of the place is reflected in the number of review and photos on Zomato. We have billed almost around INR 4000 for 4.
    Special tip: Take an Ola/Uber as this place has killer drinks.

  9. SodaBottleOpenerWala

    A niche in the market but still very popular, this restaurant is an ideal destination for family lunch and dinner. A rustic interior is an accurate depiction of an Irani Café. They have branches all over the country. A unique cuisine and the easy accessibility (Near UB City) makes it very popular amongst people of all ages. The menu has a wide range of stuff. Not all items are authentic, so either google or ask the staff for the authentic dishes – like raspberry soda, berry pulao, salli boti etc. The Parsi cuisine is very unique, so stick to simple authentic food and non-alcoholic drinks. This place will also be very light on your pocket. We have hardly ever crossed INR 1200 for 2 of us.
    Special tip: Research a bit about Parsi cuisine to enjoy the most

  10. Murphy’s

    A pub that literally sits on top of a 5-star hotel (The Paul hotels Domlur) is again one of the best-known pubs in the city. They have 2 levels of sitting with an open wide view. A great place to spend a good time sipping some great beers and lip-smacking food. They claim to be the first Irish brewhouse in the city. True or not, but they definitely have a great range of beers. Holly sally and Black Beard are my personal favourites on the list and with a pizza, you can spend hours un-noticed. Our bills have generally been around INR 2000 for 2.
    Special tip: Skip the EGL traffic and spend the evening here.

Hope you enjoyed this series. Don’t forget to share your experience and stories in the comment section below.

PS: These are my favourites. There are many many more restaurants in the city which I have not been too.
So feel free to share in the comment section below.

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