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Life Experience : A lonely homely Sunday

Life Experience : A lonely homely Sunday

The rare day when you are isolated from the whole world

There was a time when being alone on a Sunday was sad. But today I think this is the best thing that can happen to me. This gives me the chance to cut away from the regular life and do whatever I want.  So next time, if you are at home alone on a Sunday, don’t be sad, have fun.

Sundays like these are seldom. Although I try out random things on such a day, I have listed few of my favourites here. Some of these activities are productive, some are just for fun. But they surely refresh me before I head back to my regular life on Monday.

Serve yourself that perfect meal

Food is the most neglected part of an urban lifestyle. So I think almost everyone would crave for their perfect meal. The definition of a perfect meal may vary, someone might be craving for an old childhood dish or a fancy dessert from an upscale restaurant. In any case, spending time & money to pamper your taste buds can be the easiest and the best thing that can be done.

So cook that dish, order it on Swiggy or drive down to that special food joint. 

Declutter your closet

You often go shopping on a weekend and add new stuff to your closer. But we almost never take-out and discard anything. It can be the old gown that you no longer use or the pair of jeans that do not fit you anymore. We do invest time in organizing our closet every week. But we almost never sort them and discard the unwanted ones.

So dig up your closet and you would be surprised to see how much of unwanted stuff you have in there.

Get a mini-Garden

Green has been found to be stress-reducing and soothing, making it a must-have shade in our modern urban life. I have always wanted to have some plants around me. You can have them anywhere in the house. There are desk plants, indoor plants, outdoor plants, hydroponics, cactus etc. The readily available pots and hanging arrangements allow them to be hung from a window or a balcony. The readily available potting mix takes away all your worry of getting the correct soil and fertilizers.

Bring home any plant. And the best part, you can tell them all your secrets and they will keep them safe.

Watch your favourite movies/shows

If you one of the lazy ones then this ones your dream day. Settle down in the cosiest corner of your house, pull the curtains and watch your favourite movies/tv shows all day long. Make good arrangements for your food and drinks and the day would just fly by. 

Just make sure to take care of your bathroom business.

Call all family & friends

In this fast life, we often forget to say hi to our family and friends. If you really think about it, social media has definitely brought the world closer you but pushed the dearest away from you. Just because we know about each other’s life through Facebook or WhatsApp, we skip all the phone calls and video calls.

So just pick up the phone and start calling people as their names come to your mind. I bet you will run out of time by the time you get to the 5th person.

Rearrange your home

If you are the bodybuilding and heavy lifting type, then this is where you can use yourself. We set up our house once when we move in and then almost never change a thing. So drag those sofa sets to the other corner of the room. Change the direction of the bed and your dressing table. Your house will get a new view. You will definitely feel a little strange for the first few days but then you will get used to it. All these will refresh your home and definitely energize the up-coming week.

So get changing.

Clean-up your e-storage

In this digital era, we have a huge chunk of data stored on every device. Smartphones, laptops, external storage device, all are filled with files, documents, photos & videos. But like our closet, we often just keep adding things, and never care to remove them. You can use the decluttering software available nowadays that help you identify the duplicate files, photos, videos etc. Old movies and videos consume the maximum space, so watch them and delete them. You can also use the online cloud storage space to free up space in your device.

You know the best part is when you suddenly come across an old photo or video.

I know in today’s life, it’s very hard to get a lonely homely Sunday. But when that happens, be prepared and make the most of it.

Do comment & share your lazy Sunday ideas. 
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