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Europe : Hotel, Hostel & Rentals

Where we stayed on our Europe trip?

Our trip around Austria and Italy, we explored 3 types of accommodations option – Hotels, Hostels & Apartment Rentals. We booked hotels in Vienna, Venice and Rome. We stayed at the AO Hostel Salzburg and rented an Airbnb in Florence. Every type of accommodations was clean, safe and located aptly. But all have their pros and cons.

Aparthotel, Vienna

Type Hotel
Cost/Night INR 6200
Online Rating 8.2
Booking Website Booking.com
URL https://www.booking.com/hotel/at/adagio-city-aparthotel-wien-zentrum.en-gb.html

AO Hostel, Salzburg

Type Hostel
Cost/Night INR 3300
Online Rating 7.8
Booking Website AO Hostel Website
URL https://www.aohostels.com/en/salzburg/salzburg-hauptbahnhof/

Hotel Canaletto, Venice

Type Hotel
Cost/Night INR 7500
Online Rating 8.5
Booking Website Booking.com
URL https://www.expedia.co.in/Venice-Hotels-Hotel-Canaletto.h2189009.Hotel-Information

Airbnb, Florence

Type Apartment Rental
Cost/Night INR 7100
Online Rating
Booking Website Airbnb.com
URL https://www.airbnb.co.in/rooms/12941304

The Rome Suit, Rome

Type Hotel
Cost/Night INR 6700
Online Rating 8.2
Booking Website Booking.com
URL https://www.booking.com/hotel/it/flann-central-rome.en-gb.html

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